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Movement Retreat


Bali 2021

We (Xinia Alderson & Jane Carter) present the second Movement Retreat this September in the heart Bali

5 days + 4 nights 

Staying at the beautiful Prana Dewi Resort

We will spend a week delving into ourselves, refreshing our movement practices (if you have one, no experience needed), and uncovering how to move with ease and JOY.

Throughout the week we will be collecting tools to start the process of letting go and doing away with unneeded expectations, tensions & habits, which we often unconsciously collect over our life.

Starting with breathwork and grounding practices at the beginning of each day.

Followed by guided yoga and movement classes. These movement classes are not set in any particular style or technique (although during the week we will break down a few techniques such as rolling and moving in & out of the floor). 

Over the week we will build on a movement phrase, individually and as a group. Learning perhaps totally new movement, creating & adapting it so it becomes your own and comfortable in your body. You will come to own this sequence and can take it with you, like a travel souvenir (but cooler than a magnet).

There will also be a chance to transpose your movement into the Bali environment if you wish. A few afternoons will be dedicated to visiting "locations" such as the beach, rice fields, and waterfalls and drawing inspiration from these environments to create still and moving images. Another beautiful take-home souvenir. 


If you are into:




Martial Arts


Ecstatic Dance

Body Weight Training




Then you are going to LOVE this retreat


Let's get back to a peaceful, playful approach to moving and working with our body

Pricing and accommodation TBA...


Xinia  &  Jane

Xinia and Jane met during their time at dance school way back in 2008 in New Zealand.

They found the way they worked creatively really complemented each other and spent the 3 years involved in each others projects and working together on external projects outside university. 

When they graduated in 2010 Xinia founded Trip Stumble Fall Productions, a dance collective based in Auckland, NZ. Jane has been involved in most of the projects of the collective ever since.

Xinia's passions currently are travelling and teaching yoga, but when she is home in NZ choreography and contemporary dance are a big part of her schedule. She loves to work deeply with her dancers, drawing out their deepest intentions. Xinia has worked with many somatic practices (body + mind practices) being yoga, pilates, skinner releasing technique, improvisation, and contemporary dance.

Jane founded her own dance school; Pocket Rockets in 2008 based in Auckland. Having started full time dance at 22 (rather than 3 years old) she is adamant that age and experience should not be a barrier to finding joy in movement practises. 

She loves working with humans of all ages and experience, with a simple goal of making them feel better than when they arrived at class.

She brings with her 10 years of teaching safe, effective and feel-good techniques in dance, Tai Chi, pilates and yoga.

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